Tuesday, March 17, 2009

finally finally


i know, it's been an unforgivably long time since i've posted anything. in a (soon to be expanded-upon) nutshell: i went home for christmas, came back to spain, moved out of my apartment, moved in with a friend for a month, went skiing in andorra for a week, moved into a new apartment, went to england for my godson's christening...and that brings us up to now! 

people (mostly my parents) have been asking to see pictures of my new place. i can do better than that -- here's a video! (see below)

to make a long story short, i just wasn't happy in my other place. it was freezing all the time (granted the weather has gotten considerably better since then), and i wasn't pleased with the roommate situation. her boyfriend was there literally all the time, and i found him rude, disrespectful, and generally disgusting. they also smoked in her room, despite swearing up and down that they wouldn't/didn't...so i felt like every time they lit up was a big "&%$# you" to me. so i decided to move out when a friend from school said she would look for a place with me. i moved out, and she then told me because of her job (she's substitute teaching this year) she couldn't get a place with me because she'd never know where she'd get sent to substitute next. so i was stuck. luckily my friends laurin and chelsea (hey guys!) let me stay in their place for over a month while i looked for a place. then, another friend from school told me she had a friend who had a place he didn't use...i came and looked at it, and it's perfect. i'm by myself in the apartment, which i thought would be lonely, but i love it. the place is adorable (at least i think so!), totally central, near everything i need in the city. including the gym i joined, and the train station. and get this, he's charging me less than i paid in my old place! perfect!

so i'll update on more things later. another plus of this place is i can steal internet from some nice wireless network named "THOMPSON."